Meet the Leadership

Steve Fink

Chief Technology Officer

Steve Fink is an executive leader, mentor, evangelist, and information security architect with intricate knowledge of network and security strategies, tools, technologies, and best practices along with more than 20 years of experience in the development and deployment of networking security, monitoring systems, and information assets for government, public, and private organizations. He is experienced in enabling teams of SOC analysts, engineers, and architects to provide comprehensive and robust security strategies for many large organizations globally.

Steve is an Information Security zealot with demonstrated ability in numerous senior and executive leadership roles. He is passionate for results with a proven track record and years of exceeding sales and profitability goals. Steve has been consistently recognized as a top performer by colleagues, business partners, and upper management. He has a strong ability to identify business problems and inefficiencies, recommend mitigation strategies, and meet challenges head on. Steve is an industry expert with excellent presentation and negotiation skills. He has served on the Board of Directors for many Information Security organizations that provide comprehensive security education, awareness, and training to the community. His specialties include Enterprise Security, Identity and Access Management, Risk Management, Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), Security and Network Architecture, Cloud solutions (IaaS) and Cloud Software (SaaS), COBIT, NIST, ISO 27001, HIPAA, GDPR, PCI, GLBA, and ITIL.

Brett Lessley

Chief Financial Officer

Brett Lessley is the co-founder and Chief Financial Officer of Secure Yeti. Responsible for finance, operations, and human resources, Brett has created a people-centric framework to foster a culture that supports Secure Yeti’s growth and performance.

Brett brings more than 25 years executive leadership experience, having most recently served as President of Griffin Management, Inc., a private healthcare company operating numerous facility-based, elder care communities, through to its sale.

Active in the community, Brett has served on numerous national, state and local boards for nonprofits, educational institutions, and industry associations. Brett holds a Bachelor of Science, Finance from Oklahoma State University. In his free time, Brett enjoys hiking, skiing, and rebuilding classic cars.

Jayson E. Street

Chief Adversarial Officer

Jayson E. Street is an author, speaker, and cybersecurity expert possessing a very specific set of skills that he uses to hack and break into companies to expose their security weaknesses and educate their teams. He has been referred to as a “notorious hacker” by FOX25 Boston, “World Class Hacker” by National Geographic’s Breakthrough series, and a “paunchy hacker” by Rolling Stone magazine. He, however, prefers if people refer to him simply as a “Hacker, Helper, and Human.” He loves to explore the world and networks as much as he can. He has successfully robbed banks, hotels, government facilities, biochemical companies, etc., on five continents (only successfully robbing the wrong bank in Lebanon once—all others he was supposed to)!

He’s a Simulated Adversary for hire and the author of the book series Dissecting the Hack (which is currently required reading at five colleges in three countries—that he knows of), and the DEF CON Groups Global Ambassador. He has spoken at DEF CON, DEF CON China, GrrCON, DerbyCon, and at several other CONs and colleges on a variety of information security subjects. He was also a guest lecturer for the Beijing Institute of Technology for ten years and chosen as one of Time’s “Persons of the Year” in 2006.

Mike Spicer

Senior Security Engineer

Mike has over 10 years of experience with cybersecurity and IT. His specialties include system, network, and web application pentesting, reverse engineering, and wireless monitoring, tracking, and attacks. His software engineering and system administration background gives him an edge in finding bugs and vulnerabilities that others miss. His passion for cybersecurity can be seen in not only the work that he does but also in the many presentations and demonstrations he’s provided to the community. He has presented at conferences worldwide and is particularly thankful for the opportunity to have presented at DEFCON, which accomplished a lifelong goal. He is the creator of several projects, including the WWiFiCactus and MWiFiKraken, which are tools for extreme wireless monitoring.

What he brings to the table:

With Mike’s out-of-the-box thinking and ability to craft solutions from the ground up, he is able to solve complex problems across a number of different disciplines and will surely surprise you with what’s in his backpack. He also understands the importance of adding lots of LEDs to his projects so that everyone can spot them.

Kenneth Hess

Advanced Cybersecurity Engineer

Kenneth Hess is a cyber superhero of the digital realm! With a talent for karaoke that can make firewalls blush, Kenneth is not your average cybersecurity engineer. Armed with a master’s degree in cybersecurity, a CISSP, and an impressive track record of working on projects ranging from military marvels to robotic wonders, he’s mastered the art of protecting systems all while secretly dreaming of starring in a cybersecurity-themed musical. With an undergraduate degree in public relations tucked under his utility belt, he communicates better than any engineer could hope to, ensuring that even the most cryptic error messages are translated into charming anecdotes. Beyond the digital world, Kenneth unleashes his competitive spirit on the field, dominating adult sports leagues like kickball, volleyball, and pickleball. Beware, though, for this agile defender of networks is not to be trifled with—his cookies have won first place in a baking competition, solidifying his reputation as the one who can both safeguard your data and bake the most tantalizing treats. With a karaoke microphone in one hand and a technical manual in the other, Kenneth Hess is redefining the meaning of a multi-talented professional in the world of cybersecurity.  

Greg "Doc" Miles

Advanced Security Engineer

With over three decades of IT and cybersecurity experience, Greg is passionate about helping organizations improve their security postures. His extensive experience allows him to effectively assess, manage, and mitigate cyber risk to support technical and operational priorities and objectives. He started his technical career in the United States Air Force and further engaged in cybersecurity support of government and commercial entities in various industries, including financial, healthcare, federal government, defense, and other related critical infrastructure. Greg hopes to continue bringing his lessons learned to customers for many years to come. 

Greg enjoys time with his family, especially his grandsons, working on his ranch with his incredible wife. As a musician, he enjoys the basslines of Geddy Lee and the music of Rush (plus a bunch of other talented bands and musicians).

Chris Lemmon

Security Engineer

Chris is passionate about conducting security assessments and penetration tests to provide her clients with actionable intelligence and planning. As a mentor, instructor, and course developer for City Colleges of Chicago, she is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge with others and leveraging her industry experience to help non-traditional students become impactful members of the information security industry.

What she brings to the table:

Chris is an international speaker who enjoys actively participating in and contributing to information security conferences. She is highly motivated to give back to the community and is a member of Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS), Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu (WSC), and RaicesCyber. Chris spends her free time going on adventures with her Border Collie and two Australian Shepherd rescue pups.