Threat Intel
& Detection

Stay a Step Ahead

The threat landscape is ever-changing. Our Yeti team will help you leverage threat intelligence to detect issues and secure your company from cyberattacks and stupid mistakes. We customize a solution that fits your organization’s needs and its ability to execute by leveraging technologies such as NetWitness, SentinelOne, and more.

Who Needs It

More mature organizations that can consume and take action on threat intelligence. If you’re not sure, our trusted advisors will work with you to determine if your organization is ready for threat intelligence.

24x7x365 Security
Operations Center (SOC)

A dedicated facility that provides round-the-clock monitoring, analysis, and response to security events and incidents to protect against cyber threats.

What We Provide

Our Yetis are experienced in architecting solutions for companies as well as major events/initiatives. Depending on your needs, we can provide custom solutions using best-in-class technologies or provide a managed service that monitors your network around the clock and leverages multiple threat intelligence feeds to protect against potential attacks.

Our Security Partners

Talk to a Trusted Advisor

Let’s discuss how to best incorporate threat intelligence to ensure you stay a step ahead of malicious actors. Contact us to learn more.