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Black Hat® and
DEF CON® 2024

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Secure Yeti to Supply Weapons of Mass Education at Top CyberCons

You don’t go to Black Hat USA and DEF CON to get the same old traditional security awareness training, like password hygiene, recognizing phishing emails, securing physical workspaces, and understanding the importance of data privacy. While essential knowledge, it lacks the interactivity and real-world simulation needed to effectively prepare for today’s dynamic cyber threats.
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Join Secure Yeti for in-person training that’s geared for the real world and leave with an understanding of how adversaries can attack in non traditional ways and why “situational awareness,” not “security awareness,” is essential to fortifying your defenses against advanced cyber threats and social engineering.

Jayson E. Street, human hacker extraordinaire, is Chief Adversarial Officer at Secure Yeti and will be your expert guide to understanding today’s adversaries and how to defend against their myriad of attack tools.

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Black Hat USA

Combating Social Engineering Attacks
Through Situational Awareness

August 3–4

This hands-on course will teach you how to go beyond best practices and use modern social engineering techniques to transform “security awareness” into “situational awareness.”

Take home a custom Hak5 field kit and the know-how to transform your organization’s security awareness and training program.

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Tactics &
Tools Training

August 12–13

Emphasizing real-world, hands-on examples, you’ll delve into the art of online research, explore non traditional adversarial tactics, and learn how to move beyond vulnerability to enhanced target security.

This course introduces the concept of a Social Engineer Incident Response plan, providing a step-by-step approach to validate, protect, detect, respond, and recover from social engineering events and fortify the core of the enterprise.

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