Policy &

Compliance missteps can be costly. Our Yetis can help you develop effective policies, ensure you comply with known best practices, and train your security team and employees on key security tactics and procedures that work.

We help identify which regulations you need to be compliant with and then we help you build the necessary policies based on best practices that make sense for your organizations.

Who Needs It

Virtually all companies have one or more compliance obligations: handling personal data (PII), payments and credit cards (PCI), health data (HIPAA), financial reporting (SOX), or government security standards (NIST).

Cybersecurity Policies and Procedures

Development, implementation, and enforcement of policies and procedures that define security controls, incident response protocols, and acceptable use of systems and resources.

Security Controls Assessment

Assessment of security controls and measures in place to evaluate their effectiveness in protecting against threats and meeting compliance requirements.

Audits and Recertification (NIST, HIPAA, PCI, SOX, etc.)

Support preparations for an upcoming compliance audit or annual recertification assessment with explanations of the specific control requirements, as well as provide verification that implemented policies meet control requirements or identify control deficiencies along with associated mitigation and remediation efforts needed to comply.

What We Provide

Customized compliance assessment retainers. Whether you are trying to become certified, preparing for an upcoming compliance audit, or are conducting an annual recertification assessment, we work with you to ensure you understand the controls, have verification that policies meet control requirements, and/or identify and mitigate deficiencies.

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