Protection by Design

Security doesn’t happen by accident. Having a security architecture means you have a plan to apply security controls to protect your data and your business. Work with our Yetis to assess and strengthen your risk posture.

Who Needs It

Every company takes action to protect its sensitive data and critical applications from threats and breaches. The more complex the organization, the more likely it is that new technologies and policies have created conflicts or unseen gaps.

It’s critically important to ensure these actions, including policies, procedures, and tools, are all aligned to your key business objectives. That’s the purpose of a security architecture, to create a strong foundation for your collective security and compliance activities.

Let us help you develop or mature your security architecture.

Gap and Risk Assessment

Identification and evaluation of security gaps and potential risks within an organization's infrastructure, policies, and processes to prioritize remediation efforts.

Device Inventory and Network Access Control

Comprehensive device inventory management and network access control solution stored in a centralized database. This information provides context to the SOC and assists the SOC Analyst in ensuring only authorized devices can connect to the network, improving security and reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

What We Provide

Collaborative consultation to understand your critical business objectives and document and review your existing policies, processes, and technologies. We take these inputs and recommend a security architecture that provides the necessary foundation to align and prioritize your security.

Compliance Built
into Every Service

Talk to a Trusted Advisor

Let’s discuss how to create a holistic security architecture that protects your organization’s data, assets, privacy, and people. Contact us to learn more.