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Engage and Empower

Train your staff to be more secure online or in person with security awareness training that engages and empowers them to protect themselves and the company from real-world threats.

Who Needs It

If you have employees, security training is a must-have. Simple, yet powerful, education can strengthen your security posture and challenge the myth that humans are the weakest link.

Cybersecurity Education

Training programs and initiatives to educate employees and stakeholders about cybersecurity risks, best practices, and their role in maintaining a secure environment. From speaking engagements to in-house CISSP, CEH, and CCSP boot camps, we have you covered!

Workforce Security Assessments

Secure Yeti’s Chief Adversarial Officer Jayson E. Street is your “hacker for hire” to test your current security protocols and turn vulnerabilities into teachable moments. He offers an eye-opening intrusion simulation, empowering everyone with practical skills and knowledge to uncover hidden vulnerabilities and instill a security-minded culture in your team.

What We Provide

In-depth cybersecurity training services for employees, delivered online or in person. Our “hacker for hire” will equip your staff with knowledge and practical skills to proactively address security challenges.

Looking for an Expert to Speak About Security?

Our Chief Adversarial Officer and “hacker for hire,” Jayson E. Street, has led keynotes and given jaw-dropping presentations at global conferences. He embodies his ethos, “Educate, not exploit,” by showing teams how he breaks into companies to use it as a teaching tool. He has been featured in National Geographic’s Breakthrough series, in Rolling Stone magazine, an episode of the web series Tomorrow Unlocked, and other media outlets.

Learn more or book Jayson to speak at your next event.

Create Teaching Moments

Discover how we encourage and empower your employees to harness their natural situational awareness to better protect themselves and the company. Download our training brochure.