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Kenneth Hess

Kenneth Hess

Advanced Security Engineer

Kenneth Hess is a cyber superhero of the digital realm! With a talent for karaoke that can make firewalls blush, Kenneth is not your average cybersecurity engineer. Armed with a master’s degree in cybersecurity, a CISSP, and an impressive track record of working on projects ranging from military marvels to robotic wonders, he’s mastered the art of protecting systems all while secretly dreaming of starring in a cybersecurity-themed musical. With an undergraduate degree in public relations tucked under his utility belt, he communicates better than any engineer could hope to, ensuring that even the most cryptic error messages are translated into charming anecdotes. Beyond the digital world, Kenneth unleashes his competitive spirit on the field, dominating adult sports leagues like kickball, volleyball, and pickleball. Beware, though, for this agile defender of networks is not to be trifled with—his cookies have won first place in a baking competition, solidifying his reputation as the one who can both safeguard your data and bake the most tantalizing treats. With a karaoke microphone in one hand and a technical manual in the other, Kenneth Hess is redefining the meaning of a multi-talented professional in the world of cybersecurity.

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