Even Cybersecurity Professionals Need Security Reminders

Discussing the RSAC SOC Findings Report

“Use a VPN! Especially when using an unsecured Wi-Fi connection!” is a battle cry heralded by cybersecurity professionals worldwide. Yet, this year’s RSAC SOC Findings Report shows that even the RSA Conference’s (RSAC’s) 40,000+ cybersecurity attendees could use additional reminders to stay alert!

RSAC SOC: An Educational Exhibit

The RSA Conference (RSAC) is one of the premier events for cybersecurity professionals to receive ongoing insights and intelligence into evolving cyber threats. As with most conferences, RSAC officials provided attendees a public Wi-Fi connection. RSAC leadership tasked NetWitness, a Secure Yeti Partner, and Cisco to monitor network activity during the RSAC event as an educational exhibit through the Security Operations Center (SOC). The SOC demonstrates how technology can be harnessed to educate RSAC attendees about the risks associated with any open, unsecured wireless network. The goal is not only to keep attendees safe but also to raise awareness of potential cyber threats.

Secure Yeti’s CTO, Steve Fink, more commonly known as “Fink,” works with NetWitness as one of the leaders of the RSAC SOC. Together with his colleagues, NetWitness’s Dave Glover, Director of Americas Sales Engineering, Jessica Bair Oppenheimer, Cisco’s Director of Strategic Alliances, and a Team of experienced industry professionals, the SOC leadership completed the RSAC SOC Findings Report, which delves into the findings of the attendee’s activities on the public Wi-Fi. It offers illuminating results as to the state of network security and user activity during RSAC.

Interesting Results

The RSAC SOC analyzed the data collected to uncover vulnerabilities and potential threats. The result is a fascinating compilation of insights that should be considered a wake-up call for cybersecurity professionals.

Some of the noteworthy findings from the report include:

  • Discovery of serious malware intrusions.
  • Detection of live threats emanating from the RSAC network.
  • Several intrusion events.
  • Identification of over 1,500 different applications active during the conference.
  • Detailed information about IP scanning and port connections.

To access the full report and better understand the findings, visit:

Enhancing Your Network Security

The work performed by Fink and his colleagues in the RSAC SOC shows that even those who work in cybersecurity need a daily reminder to “practice what they preach.” Their efforts demonstrate their commitment to safety and highlight their dedication to sharing knowledge and driving the industry forward.

Steve Fink and the team at Secure Yeti are more than just thought leaders; they are proactive experts who can help you detect vulnerabilities in your network and fortify your cybersecurity defenses. To explore how Fink and his team can assist you in safeguarding your digital environment, don’t hesitate to contact him at fink@secureyeti.com.